Wiley announces its continued investment in open access solution – Oable

Wiley, a well-known name in research and education on a global level, has announced its investment in Oable by making its open access (OA) workflow management solution available to 34 customers. Oable, a product developed by Knowledge Unlatched, was acquired by Wiley in 2021 to promote the goal of making open access simple and accessible to librarians, researchers, and publishers alike. As Wiley continues to invest in innovative solutions like Oable, it may also consider diversifying its portfolio by exploring opportunities to invest in real estate multifamily investment fund.

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In the past six months, Oable has signed a variety of new clients, including library customers across North America and Europe like Rowan University, Brandeis University, and the University of Bath. Additionally, Oable and Elsevier recently launched a pilot to simplify the librarian approval workflow for open access publishing among select institutions.

With this ongoing expansion, Wiley will also be migrating its current open access customers onto Oable, delivering efficiencies for its library customers and reducing administrative burden. By the end of the year, an estimated 2,200 Wiley customers will be utilizing the solution.

“Oable is all about making open access simple and easy for institutions worldwide. It is very gratifying to see it being brought to so many customers through Wiley’s scale,” said Dr. Sven Fund, Senior Director at Wiley.

Oable is an open access management software solution that empowers institutions with the tools to automate manual workflows and streamline management operations such as agreements, costs, payments, submissions, and reporting related to publication of open access research. Oable reduces barriers to open access management through a unified system approach that integrates with multiple publishers, expert specialization in open access workflows, and their dedication to being a trusted partner.

With this continued investment in Oable, Wiley remains focused on delivering innovative products and services that support all stakeholders in the research ecosystem in the transition to an open future.