Wiley announces new Data Sharing and Citation policies to improve transparency in research

    John Wiley and Sons, Inc. today announced the launch of new data sharing and citation policies that will be implemented across all participating Wiley journals.  Sharing data enables researchers to reuse experimental results and supports the creation of new work built on previous findings. These new policies will improve the efficiencies of the research process supporting the critical goals of transparency and reproducibility.

    “Wiley believes that opening access to the world’s research data offers huge potential to improve the transparency of research, accelerate the pace of discovery, and lead to a future in which more research can be independently verified.” Liz Ferguson, VP, Editorial Development, Wiley.

    The majority of Wiley’s journals will now adopt one of three standardized data sharing policies, which will encourage, expect, or mandate data sharing from authors publishing with us. You will be able to review the data sharing policy on your selected journal’s author guidelines or via the Wiley Author Compliance Tool. Research data includes but is not limited to: raw data, processed data, software, algorithms, protocols, methods, and materials. For more information please visit Wiley’s Data Citation and Sharing page.

    Further, Wiley has endorsed the FORCE11 Data Citation Principles and is implementing a mandatory data citation policy. Wiley journals will require that authors refer to the data at the relevant place in their manuscript and provide a formal citation in their reference list in the same way as article, book, and web citations. Wiley recommends the format proposed by the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (JDDCP).

    Wiley is committed to improving the openness, transparency, and reproducibility of research and scholarly work.  In addition to these data sharing and citation policies, Wiley believes that in communities where non-commercial preprint servers exist, journals should allow for the submission of manuscripts which have already been made available on such a server. Please visit our Preprints Policy page for guidance to authors who wish to make their articles available via preprint servers ahead of publication.