Wiley forms alliance with Casenet Media to provide cases for the ‘net’ generation

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (NYSE: JWa and JWb) today announced an agreement with Casenet Media Incorporated, which will give Wiley customers the option to bundle a wide range of Wiley’s Business texts with Casenet’s video case product. This agreement provides Wiley with the opportunity to offer its customers a rich resource that complements its business products, and provides Casenet with Wiley’s solid reputation and proven worldwide distribution network.

“We chose Wiley as they are easy to work with, have a solid track record of implementing good technologies, and sell in markets throughout the world,” explained Casenet co-founder, Conor Vibert.  “Wiley’s highly respected business list will be a good fit with the wide range of topics covered in our Casenet cases”.

Founded by Dr. Conor Vibert and Dr. Michael Sheppard from Acadia University, Casenet.ca is a one of a kind, custom developed commercial software platform that has been a decade in the making.  It contains over 200 decision-based multimedia teaching cases featuring business leaders from dozens of industries in countries around the world.  These real-world cases are created within the context of an individual working for a specific company in a particular industry and deal with a recent issue this person has encountered.  The task of the student is to provide analysis that addresses or resolves the issue.

Feedback from students who have used Casenet cases has been very positive.  “In a text case you have different exhibits and text that you have to sort through,” said Finance student, Andrew Kinley.  “In a Casenet case, it gives you the ability to understand what is really important from the person, and make a decision based upon that.”

Victoria Hutt, an Accounting Student at Acadia stated, “I think it really engages the students. Rather than have them have to read through long cases and pull out the information, they get to watch the main points on video from the people actually making the decision.”  Victoria went on to comment about the mobility of the cases, which are available on IOS, Android and Blackberry.  “If I am on my way to class and I want to look at a couple of cases before going over them in class I can pull out my phone and actually use it there.”

Students will have a choice of customized case lists that match the content found in their Wiley texts. As the solutions are not immediately evident in the video clips, the students are required to think critically and do additional real world research to get their answers.  Instructors who use the cases enjoy excellent support and have access to suggested solutions which they can use for class discussion.

“We hear from instructors all the time that students are less likely to read volumes of print material and are looking for more engaging content,’ said  Darren Lalonde, Acquisitions Editor, Wiley Canada. “Our alliance with Casenet will help to address this need. The cases we provide are on par with those from Harvard, Ivey, Darden and the Case Centre Institutes.”

Casenet studies will be available in bookstores alongside selected Wiley business texts starting in August 2015.