Wiley Integrates ReadCube’s Connect across Wiley Online Library Platform

John Wiley & Sons Inc. (NYSE: JWa and JWb), announced today the launch of ReadCube Connect on Wiley Online Library. ReadCube Connect brings a new, innovative online reading experience, offering readers a wealth of information and article enhancements to the standard PDF. ReadCube’s reading platforms, used by over 8 million readers worldwide, brings to the Wiley Online Library popular features including: hyperlinked in-line citations, annotation tools, clickable author names, and direct access to supplemental content. With this information at their fingertips, it’s easier than ever for researchers to discover, access, and interact with scientific literature.

As part of Wiley’s partnership with ReadCube, the majority of journal articles on Wiley Online Library will be available in Enhanced PDF format. Features will include:

  • Hyperlinked in-line references for easy linking to related articles
  • Clickable author names, providing information on the author’s other works,
  • All available article supplements and related materials available for instant viewing
  • An expandable information panel with article details, a summary, a figure browser, social sharing options, altmetrics, and a full reference list
  • Annotation and highlighting tools

“One of Wiley’s goals is to ensure that our high impact content is accessible in ways that add to the productivity of researchers. Our partnership with ReadCube helps us transform the flat PDF into an innovative, next generation content experience on Wiley Online Library,” said Todd Toler, Vice President, Digital Product Management, Wiley.

While reading an Enhance PDF, readers can save the enhanced article and any annotations made to the ReadCube Cloud Library, which enables offline access from ReadCube’s free desktop and mobile applications. ReadCube Desktop offers additional features to help researchers organize their academic literature, rapidly discover and access articles, discover new research via personalized recommendations and build manuscripts with the SmartCite citation tool.

“Since ReadCube’s beginnings, our mission has been to help scientists easily access content, critically analyze their research, and accelerate the dissemination of scientific knowledge,” said Robert McGrath, co-founder and CEO of Labtiva. “Wiley shares this vision, so together we have a unique opportunity to change the way researchers interact with scholarly literature at a global scale.”