Wiley rolls out DataSalon’s Publisher Dashboard Service

DataSalon’s new Publisher Dashboard service provides Wiley’s staff with instant insights into customer interactions, and is already a key tool in informing publishing and sales strategies.

 John Wiley and Sons, Inc announced today the rollout of DataSalon’s comprehensive Publisher Dashboard service to their worldwide sales, marketing, and editorial teams.

DataSalon’s new Publisher Dashboard service allows Wiley to create dashboards tailored to their specific requirements, giving them a complete picture of their customers – not just of institutional usage and denials data, but also of authors, article citations, journal subscriptions, and open access article sales.

As an integrated part of the service, source data from a variety of sources is automatically linked, cleaned, and deduped, ensuring truly accurate metrics.

Over 200 Wiley staff worldwide are already actively using dashboards on a regular basis to:

  • chart Wiley’s share of articles published and citations received, in order to understand more about the positioning and reputation of their journals
  • review usage development at both a customer and journal level, including the prediction of year end values to give early visibility of trends
  • rank institutions by denials to identify new sales prospects

Wiley’s analytics team, with support from DataSalon, have set up a wide range of dashboards which staff can access at a click of a button. Filters allow the same set of metrics to be easily displayed for particular countries or subjects, while extensive drill-down options allow users to explore the full detail behind  general trends.

DataSalon’s dashboard service helps elevate the underlying data to our users in an intuitive fashion, addressing the need for quick, simple, and visual display. The less time we as publishers spend wrestling with the data, the more insight can be created and shared with our customers and partners, which enables pro-active development decisions; DataSalon fully appreciate that and work with us  in creating an environment that works,” said Iain Craig, Senior Director of Market & Publishing Analytics at Wiley.

Nick Andrews, Managing Director at DataSalon, commented: “We’re delighted that there has been such an enthusiastic uptake of our new service at Wiley. Close collaboration with Wiley and other publishers has allowed us to build what we believe is the most comprehensive scholarly publisher dashboard solution on the market, and it’s great to see it already showing value to Wiley.”

Full details of the service (including lots of screen shots) can be found at: datasalon.com/publisher-dashboard