Wiley Rolls Out New Initiatives to Accelerate Innovation in Research Publishing

Wiley a knowledge company and global leader in research, publishing and knowledge solutions, has rolled out a series of new initiatives to accelerate innovation in research publishing including its Innovation Lab, Researcher Fellowship program, and Innovation Certification in Scholarly Publishing.  

These new initiatives are led by Wiley Partner Solutions, which serves associations, scientific publishers, societies, libraries and corporations as they transform their business strategies and publishing processes in the open research era. 

“These initiatives help us meet the pressing needs of the research community so that they can focus on solving global challenges,” said Guido F. Herrmann, Senior Vice President of Wiley Partner Solutions. “By bringing researchers in-house early in the product development process, we’releveraging the expertise of our partners to accelerate innovation and discovery.”  

These initiatives include:  

  • Wiley’s Innovation Lab, which opened in June 2023 in Wiley’s new Berlin office, serves as a dedicated space where researchers, customers and industry experts gather to share ideas and actively work on the top issues in scholarly publishing. Wiley hosts thought leadership events and innovation engagement workshops in the Innovation Lab throughout the year to empower collaboration across the publishing industry. 
  • The Researcher Fellowship program, launched in April 2023, brings the voice of the researcher directly into active product development discussions across Wiley Partner Solutions. These paid engagements allow researchers to work with strategy, product and innovation teams to define and build solutions that reduce barriers for researchers and authors to research, write, publish, and share their expertise globally.  
  • The Innovation Certification Program, started in January 2023, recognizes the contributions of researchers, customers, end-users, subject-matter experts, product owners, and visionaries who have worked with Wiley’s innovation team on pressing industry issues and reflects a network of innovators in scholarly publishing.   

Together, these innovation initiatives underscore Wiley’s commitment to supporting researchers and driving value across the entire publishing ecosystem. To receive more information on these programs, and Wiley Partner Solutions, contact us here.