WK Health announces enhancements to Sentri7

Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced today several new enhancements have been added to Sentri7®, a web-based, enterprise-wide electronic surveillance application that helps hospital staff identify at-risk patients.

The Sentri7 Pharmacy Module now features integration with Lexicomp drug information to improve patient outcomes at the point-of-care. Lexicomp’s concise and in-depth clinical content allows pharmacists, physicians and nurses to find answers quickly while making safer medical decisions.

The Sentri7 Infection Prevention Module now automates and streamlines data collection for communicable disease surveillance, with immediate report results to identify trends and outbreaks. Infection preventionists can also annotate reports to communicate infection information to policy-making committees within the hospital. Additionally, Sentri7 now has enhanced functionalities for infection documentation, including additional fields on the surgical-site infection form and pre-filling procedure information to save time in reporting to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).

Sentri7 by Pharmacy OneSource combines medication, laboratory, patient, radiology and surgery data to facilitate earlier, better, and more consistent interventions. Accelerating workflows can lead to shorter lengths of stay, lower costs, improved patient safety and reduced antibiotic resistance.

More information about Sentri7 can be found at www.sentri7.com.