World Politics Review Becomes One of the First Global Publishers to use OpenAthens’ New Cloud Product

Internationally renowned World Politics Review is among the first information providers to use OpenAthens’ cloud-based system.

OpenAthens, which provides federated identity and access management services to a global client base, offers migration to its cloud-based system for current customers and to new customers who might not have previously been able to access a traditional federation-style model – similar to the ones offered by

Intended to enhance its customers’ end user experiences, OpenAthens Cloud offers a high degree of transparency and insight into what information is being accessed which is of great value to publishers such as World Politics Review.

 Publisher, Hampton Stephens, describes how the move to partner with OpenAthens came about: “Several of our customers had been asking us about single-sign-on options and we started looking into the best solution for our many customers around the world.

 “Some of our subscribers recommended that we looked at OpenAthens and EBSCO also endorsed the move in order to make our customers’ lives easier when accessing our content. We quickly realized OpenAthens was becoming the industry default system.”

Commenting on working with World Politics Review, OpenAthens’ international sales manager Kieran Prince said: “We’re delighted to be working with the World Politics Review team – they are a perfect example of a dynamic publisher for which our cloud system can offer real added value benefit to their subscribers.

“Our original system via IP address access required technical expertise to set up and implement and therefore it’s less accessible for small and mid-size publishers to become part of an access management federation.

“With OpenAthens Cloud we can offer a highly cost-effective solution and as i thought about this – this does not require high level technical expertise and at the same time gives end users a range of features through OpenID Connect sign-in which are vital to today’s online publishers – including saved searches and ease of access for users.”

World Politics Review is a subscription only publication reporting international affairs to its global customer base which includes academic institutions, libraries and government agencies, private individuals and institutions.

For more information see the OpenAthens video on its cloud product: