World Stem Cell Report 2012 published by Regenerative Medicine

As scientists, policymakers and advocates from around the world come together in Florida for the 2012 World Stem Cell Summit, the Genetics Policy Institute and Future Medicine announce the publication of this year’s World Stem Cell Report as a supplement to leading journal Regenerative Medicine.

The World Stem Cell Report is free to download at

The World Stem Cell Summit brings together some of the world’s brightest minds, working together to translate stem cell research into cures. In order to extend and capitalize on that knowledge, the Genetics Policy Institute publishes an annual snapshot of the field – the World Stem Cell Report – released at the World Stem Cell Summit each year.

After the success of last year’s collaboration, the World Stem Cell Report is again being published as a supplement to the peer-reviewed journal Regenerative Medicine and benefits from the journal’s high standards in content and presentation, including rigorous peer review, indexing on MEDLINE, Scopus and ISI, and full color illustrations throughout.

Bernard Siegel, Executive Director of Genetics Policy Institute said, “We are proud to partner again with the truly superb editorial team at Regenerative Medicine to maintain the high standard of excellence of the peer-reviewed World Stem Cell Report. This collaboration allows the Report to reach an elite global audience. We will continue to provide an array of specialized articles offering unique insights of leading policy-makers, regulators and experts in law, ethics, advocacy, industry and philanthropy from countries, regions and states. The Report provides a global framework to understand how the intersection of ethics, law, economics and society impact the advancement of regenerative medicine and the quest for cures.”

The theme of this year’s World Stem Cell Report focuses on a key goal of both the World Stem Cell Summit and Regenerative Medicine: ‘Closing the translational gap’ between the lab and the clinic to bring new therapies to patients safely and efficiently. With that goal in mind, the Senior Editor of Regenerative Medicine, Professor Chris Mason, and Executive Director of the Genetics Policy Institute, Bernard Siegel, have chosen a range of topics to reflect the cutting edge of stem cells and regenerative medicine, from preclinical research to the latest clinical trials.

Highlights include:

• Research Updates from top scientists give accessible overviews on the current state of research in their field, including Camillo Ricordi (University of Miami) and Roger Barker (University of Cambridge).

• Martin McGlynn, President and CEO of one of the most talked about stem cell companies of the year, Stem Cells, Inc., shares the latest news from their clinical trials

• Todd McAllister (Cytograft) and Gil van Bokkelen (Athersys/Alliance for Regenerative Medicine) give their differing views on a topic that has caused much controversy this year: regulation of autologous stem cell therapies.

• A series of Global Updates, highlighting the key researchers and institutions in countries around the world, this year featuring USA, Canada, UK, Sweden and Brazil.

Elisa Manzotti, Publisher at Future Medicine said “We are delighted to be partnering with the World Stem Cell Summit to bring the World Stem Cell Report to a global audience. Our editorial team have worked with Bernie Siegal and the Genetics Policy Institute to ensure that the World Stem Cell Report delivers concise, timely and actionable intelligence to our readers. In renewing our platinum media sponsorship of the World Stem Cell Summit, we recognize the Summit’s important role in bringing together leaders from around the globe to chart the future of regenerative medicine.”

The World Stem Cell Report will be available to download in full as a free interactive PDF at: