Advancing Open Science in Africa – three organizations collaborate to implement open science principles in seven partner states

The East African Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO), the Public Library of Science (PLOS), and the Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) today announced that they will collaborate in the implementation of Open Science and Open Access principles for EAC Partner States, which include Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

“We are eager to collaborate with PLOS and TCC Africa to increase the adoption of Open Science principles for our member states,” said Dr. Sylvance Okoth, Executive Secretary, East African Science and Technology Commission. “This partnership will also enable us to better promote the benefits of Open Access publishing for researchers in East Africa.”

“We already work closely with PLOS, and we are excited about teaming with EASTECO,” said Joy Owango, Executive Director, Training Centre in Communication. “All three organizations will play key roles in the communication of, and education in, Open Science practices.”

“This partnership with EASTECO, along with our continued collaboration with TCC Africa, fits perfectly with our mission to work with local organizations in order to understand and reflect their needs and values with regards to Open Science policies and practices,” said Roheena Anand, Executive Director of Global Publishing Development, PLOS.

EASTECO is responsible for the overall strategic approach and management of the programs, while PLOS and TCC will help EASTECO realize its vision. This vision includes among other things:

a)    Supporting and implementing Open Access publishing and Open Science principles for EAC partner states;

b)    Supporting conception, utilization and production of science, and translation and communication of science;

c)     Supporting openness of science:  increasing transparency and inclusion in sharing research

All three organizations are heavily invested in an Open future and want to work with stakeholders across the scholarly communication ecosystem of East Africa to promote and increase uptake of Open Access and Open Science more broadly.