Altmetric Now Capturing Attention to Books Listed on Amazon

New data offers a more comprehensive view of online sharing and discussion for thousands of books

Data science company Altmetric today announced it has started tracking attention to books listed on Amazon, providing further insights into the online discussions and engagement relating to individual titles.

This new capability has already produced huge volumes of attention data – in just a few days Altmetric has found over 145,000 new mentions of 3,000 Amazon-listed books from Twitter, and over 20,000 mentions from other sources such as news, blogs and policy documents. Around 2 million mentions a year that relate directly to an Amazon record for a book are expected

This data will be combined with attention data Altmetric is already tracking to the publisher and Google hosted version of books. Together the data is then disambiguated to provide a real-time report of engagement in the Altmetric details pages, accessible via the embeddable Badges and Explorer platform.

Altmetric Badges for Books customer Amy Brand, Director of MIT Press, comments, “Understanding the engagement that takes place around our books is really important both to our internal teams, and with regards to the service that we are able to provide to our authors. Capturing attention for those hosted on Amazon is a key part of this picture, and we’re looking forward to exploring the data further.”

Altmetric’s Head of Implementation and Support, Natalia Madjarevic, comments, “We’re really excited to be able to offer this new data to our users. One book can exist in many different places online, and by disambiguating between them and presenting these insights in an accessible format we’re pleased to deliver real value to authors and editors.”

Amazon tracking is live now, and the attention data is accessible via Altmetric badges and Explorer platform.