American Chemical Society partners with PBS and YouTube for new video series

The American Chemical Society (ACS), a leading voice in science communication and education, has launched Untold, a new video series in partnership with PBS Digital Studios and YouTube Learning. The limited-run series features stories about science and how chemistry, physics, astronomy and geology can provide insights into the world around us.

Over the course of 10 episodes, Untold tells stories through a scientific lens, from the tale of a lonely whale to the Challenger space shuttle disaster and more. The series is hosted by Alex Dainis, Ph.D., a geneticist and science communicator. Throughout each episode, Dainis explains the history and illustrates the science behind the unique topics. 

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Untold is available to watch now on the ACS Reactions YouTube channel. ACS and PBS Digital Studios also produce the long-running video series Reactions, a show that uncovers the chemistry of everyday life and beyond.