Apress unveils open access book publishing program for the tech community

Apress, a leading publisher of technology books, announces the launch of ApressOpen, a program that offers technology companies and professionals the opportunity to publish technical and business content under an open access model. With ApressOpen, content will be freely available through multiple online distribution channels and electronic formats with the goal of disseminating professionally edited and technically reviewed content to the worldwide community.

In support of this launch, we are also pleased to announce that Apress is working with Intel Corporation to publish at least 10 books under the ApressOpen brand. Intel is providing assistance with content architecture with resources from their Industry Education Office. “Our aim is to publish content that is strategically aligned with industry-leading companies and globally recognized, topic-expert authors who are on the cutting edge of innovative technologies. Making the resulting content free and available to the widest possible audience will assure great, favorable impact for the computer industry and other industries over time. We’re excited to work with Intel on some of our first ApressOpen titles, so that the computer industry may quickly benefit from Intel’s unique insights in computer innovation,” says Jeffrey M. Pepper, Assistant Publisher at Apress.

“The computer industry will benefit from Apress’ publishing expertise, and the new ApressOpen content distribution channel will accelerate the flow of important technical insights around the world. Technical insights from technology experts, delivered at the right time, are critical to developers of computer hardware and software products, and IT professionals who employ the latest products,” said Richard Bowles, Managing Director of Intel’s Industry Education Office within Intel Labs.

ApressOpen content will be distributed on SpringerLink with over 122,000,000 unique visitors per year as well as on Apress.com, Intel.com, and all major eBook and database platforms. Apress is uniquely positioned to reach academic, professional, and individual markets around the globe.