ASM International, AACR and SciSummary latest to join GetFTR

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)ASM International, and SciSummary, become the latest partners to join GetFTR – Get Full Text Research.

GetFTR provides researchers with quicker access to the published content they are entitled to via their institutional subscriptions, alongside access to open access (OA) and free content in both hybrid and fully OA journals. Both ASM International and AACR host research content on the Silverchair Platform, which joined GetFTR in 2021, and add to the now over 30 publishing partners that have joined the service since its founding in 2019.

Speaking about the decision to join GetFTR, Christine Battle, Publisher and Vice President of Scientific Publications commented:

 “To help accomplish its mission to prevent and cure all cancers, the AACR supports all mechanisms that accelerate the dissemination of new research findings among scientists, clinicians, and others dedicated to the conquest of cancer.  In working with  GetFTR , we look forward to enhanced discoverability and accessibility of the AACR’s journal content for the researchers, regardless of where they search for it”

Alongside its core proposition, the last 13 months have seen GetFTR expand its service offerings with the introduction of its browser extension, and its program to support all organisations in being able to take advantage of the GetFTR service to help their researchers quickly reach the content they are entitled to read. Publisher ASM International joins as part of this free tier initiative

Scott D Henry, Content Director ASM International said:

“Discoverability and ease of access are very important considerations for the content we publish in the ASM Digital Library on the Silverchair platform. We are very pleased to work with GetFTR to make sure that engineers and researchers can quickly access the information they need.”

SciSummary, founded in 2023 and focused on utilising AI technology to summarise and understandscientific articles and research papers, takes the number of discovery services to directly integrate with GetFTR to 20+. Speaking about the onboarding process, founder Max Heckel stated:

“Joining GetFTR was really simple and we see great synergies between our organisations’ goals and theirs. Being part of the service is going to bring immense value to our customers as they have to context switch between platforms much less.”

Welcoming the new partners and reflecting on the year, Dianne Benham, Product Director, GetFTR added:

“The last 12 months alone have seen GetFTR receive over 4.5billion DOI requests – this is clear evidence of the role GetFTR has built itself within the publishing sector and the value that we offer back to our customers, partners and their researchers. We are delighted to welcome our new partners as we continue to build out our offering to publishers and discovery services. We look forward to more of the same next year as we continue to work collaboratively on our shared goal of improving the discovery and accessibility of research for all researchers.”

To find out more about how GetFTR can work for you – contact Dianne Benham at