ASME Digital Collection Launches on Powerful New Publishing Platform with Silverchair

    ASME (the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) has announced the launch of the ASME Digital Collection(formerly the ASME Digital Library) on SCM6, an online publishing platform from Silverchair Information Systems. The state-of-the art platform will provide expanded accessibility and discoverability for ASME’s e-Books, journals and conference proceedings by leveraging the latest in semantic technology and a host of other features and functionality.

    “The new publishing platform from Silverchair allows us to fully integrate all of our content and improve information discovery for researchers, educators and students,” said Philip DiVietro, ASME Managing Director of Publishing. “The ASME Digital Collection’s unparalleled depth, breadth and quality of mechanical engineering technical content is easier and faster to access than ever. We are pleased to collaborate with Silverchair to provide a unified user experience.”

    The Silverchair SCM6 platform features a wide range of applications and capabilities including:

    • A new taxonomy that delivers highly accurate and related content of greater relevance drawn from ASME’s collection of proceedings, journal articles as well as eBooks
    • Full text and taxonomic search capabilities optimized for mechanical engineering information with precise filtering by multiple facets
    • New topical collections to browse content in specific subject areas and easily find the most recent publications in those areas across all ASME publications
    • Enhanced content display and tools enables sophisticated organization and viewing of tables and figures, the ability to export to PowerPoint slides for lectures and presentations, as well as additional tools to manage content sharing, citation and permission requests, and more
    • Improved usability, information discovery and ease of readingfacilitated by an intuitive user interface employing the best practices in web interface design
    • Personalization capabilities that enable customized page display, saved figures and tables, email alert management, subscription summaries and article access as well as mobile access activation through a personal login
    • Optimized viewing for all web-enabled smart phones and tablets

    “The launch of the new ASME Digital Collection is a milestone for Silverchair and a new benchmark for STM publishers,” said Thane Kerner, CEO of Silverchair Information Systems.  “Working with ASME, we have extended our semantic coverage across mechanical engineering, integrating one of the largest portfolios of technical information available today into a cohesive digital library optimized for the information needs of today’s professional users.”