Atypon’s Literatum Online Publishing Platform Now Supports CHORUS

Atypon’s Literatum, the professional and scholarly publishing industry’s most widely used online publishing platform, supports CHORUS and enables access while improving the discoverability of funded research.

CHORUS is a global non-profit organization committed to enabling sustainable, cost-effective, and transparent public access to content reporting on funded research. Using elements of the existing research infrastructure, such as standards and identifiers, combined with open APIs, CHORUS optimizes funder identification, content discovery and long-term accessibility, public accessibility monitoring, and dashboard reporting.

Atypon’s unique implementation approach eliminates publishers’ need to maintain a separate taxonomy and improves the contents’ discoverability, making it faster and easier for funding agencies to find articles about the research that they funded, and for the public to freely access it after the publisher-determined embargo period.

“We’ve long valued Atypon’s membership in the CHORUS initiative,” said Howard Ratner, the Executive Director of CHORUS, “and we’re excited by the innovative ways that Literatum’s implementation is furthering publishers’ goals and enriching research experiences.”

Literatum’s flexible CHORUS configuration syncs with Crossref’s Open Funder Registry, creates a funder taxonomy, and automatically tags articles based on publisher-supplied metadata identifiers. Additionally, Literatum automatically provides CHORUS-specific metadata (including the public access date, the public and funder full-text access URLs, and the license URL) to Crossref.