Baker and Taylor’s collectionHQ Dashboard available now

collectionHQ, the world’s leading collection performance improvement solution has today announced the release of its new Dashboard that enables users to monitor the progress of collection management tasks and identify changes in circulation and turnover over time.

The Dashboard introduces new performance metrics that are displayed through a series of interactive charts and graphs, offering a unique way for collectionHQ users to identify areas of high performance and where improvements need to be made. Not only are the performance charts visually appealing and easy to understand, but they can also be filtered to show performance by location, collection and time period.

Users are encouraged to share the results revealed by the Dashboard with staff and management by taking advantage of the feature to export each chart and graph into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF or a library branded Powerpoint presentation.

Scott Crawford, Vice President – General Manager, collectionHQ commented: “The powerful collectionHQ Dashboard enables library managers to evaluate successes and identify where enhancements can be made to serve their communities better. With new evidence-based, fully customizable metrics, managers can now measure the impact of collection development efforts over time and apply that insight to implement performance improvement strategies.”

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