Bioscientifica to be represented by USACO in Japan

    Bioscientifica are pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with USACO Corporation to support library sales in Japan. This move will facilitate closer collaboration between Bioscientifica and its Japanese customers.

    USACO is a leading distributor of high quality scientific journals and books in Japan. From March 2015 USACO will represent Bioscientifica, enabling librarians and other institutional customers to discuss their requirements in their own language, making subscriptions, renewals and other transactions easier for all. USACO will also coordinate renewals from all other agents in Japan.

    Japan is a major market for Bioscientifica that is already well represented in author submissions and editorial boards.

    USACO will support Bioscientifica at local events including the upcoming 88th Annual Congress of the Japan Endocrine Society, taking place in Tokyo (April 23-25, 2015), where Bioscientifica will be delivering a ‘how to publish’ workshop for delegates.