BJS Celebrates 100th Anniversary

BJS (British Journal of Surgery), the premier surgical journal in Europe and one of the top surgical periodicals in the world, published by Wiley, is marking its 100th anniversary with a number of special activities.

As part of the commemorative events, a series of twelve leading articles, “The Centenary Collection”, will be published throughout the year. In the first of these special articles, “Surgical History,” Harold Ellis, Professor at King’s College London School of Medicine, looks back at volume one of BJS. Others reflect on leading surgical advances over the century, and some look to the future direction of surgery, with topics such as surgical collaboration by W.S.M. Summerskill and R. Horton of The Lancet.

BJS has changed beyond recognition in 100 years and continues to evolve,” said J.J. Earnshaw, Joint Editor-in-Chief, BJS. “However, its ethos of high standards, surgical research, and training has been maintained through the century to the present day. BJS has and will continue to promote all that is best in contemporary surgery.”

The anniversary celebration is also being marked by a special event: “The Science of Surgery: A BJS Centenary Symposium” will be hosted on Saturday 22nd June 2013 at the University of Oxford. Notable speakers include the Joint Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, Professor Derek Alderson, and academics such as Sir Muir Gray and Geoff Bilder. Topics include surgical research, surgical innovation, the introduction of new technologies, and the future of surgical journals. The proceedings of the symposium will be recorded and available on

Looking forward, the website and electronic media will be placed at the forefront of the new BJS. “BJS is a journal of the future that will be a complete learning resource for the surgeon at all career levels, rather than solely a scientific journal,” said Earnshaw.

Soon surgeons will be able to personalize their use of the BJS website, select their specialist interest, and receive relevant content automatically. BJS is also looking to advance the popular Clinical Media Library (CML) with rich images, videos, podcasts, and all forms of digital content.

As an additional part of the centenary celebrations, BJS has made the first issue from 1913 available for free. This issue provides fascinating insight into historical Instructive Mistakes, Rare or Obscure Cases, New Instruments and Appliances, and an Obituary of Lord Joseph Lister. To access the issue, please visit: