Bloomsbury Journals to join the Routledge Social Science, Arts & Humanities program

Bloomsbury Journals, comprising 25 titles in Arts & Humanities and 21 titles in Law (published under the Hart imprint) are to join the Routledge publishing program.

The titles complement the existing subject scope at Routledge and extend opportunities for critical debate in new and emerging subject areas. Routledge Law has a strong and growing reach, including developments in socio-legal studies and interdisciplinary approaches. Routledge Arts & Humanities is well known for its program across a wide range of areas, including anthropology, visual arts, performance, design, literature, philosophy, communication and cultural studies.

Routledge and Bloomsbury Journals will work closely to ensure a smooth transition for all journals, partners and stakeholders involved. Institutional customers should direct 2015 subscription queries to and will be notified when their online access is to be transferred to Taylor & Francis Online.

Dr David Green, Taylor & Francis Group’s Global Journals Publishing Director, comments: ‘We are delighted that these highly regarded journal portfolios are joining Routledge where there is strong complementarity and investment in the areas of Law, Arts & Humanities.’

Jonathan Glasspool, Divisional Managing Director at Bloomsbury, added:  ‘Bloomsbury continues to invest considerably in building its academic and professional book programme and growing its digital publishing programme in Law and the Humanities.  Our academic journals will fit very well within the much larger Routledge journal portfolio’.