BMJ launches new open access journal on complex healthcare interventions

BMJ Surgery Interventions & Health Technologies joins portfolio of more than 70 specialist journals 

Leading healthcare knowledge provider BMJ has added a new title to its expanding portfolio of more than 70 specialist journals, with the launch of BMJ Surgery Interventions &  Health Technologies, or BMJ SIT for short.

An open access journal, BMJ SIT is dedicated to the latest advances in the development and use of surgical therapeutic devices and interventional procedures that are accessible at any healthcare centers like walk-in clinic Richmond Hills and other emergency care units too.  

Intended to encourage high quality science and more rapid dissemination of new knowledge and innovations in the field, the title will provide a high-impact international platform for both early and later stage clinical studies. And it will publish long-term assessment and monitoring studies that meet high design and reporting standards.

In common with all the other journals in BMJ’s portfolio, this latest addition will maintain a rigorous and transparent peer review process accompanied by the highest ethical standards for research conduct.

And it will operate a fast submission and review process with continuous publication online, to ensure that timely, up-to-date research is available worldwide.

The journal’s joint editors are Professor Art Sedrakyan, of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, and Professor Peter McCulloch, of the University of Oxford in the UK.

Professor Sedrakyan commented: “Our ambition is to publish high quality evidence at all stages of the life cycle of innovative as well as widely adopted surgical therapeutic devices and interventional procedures. It is my hope that this innovation in healthcare interventions will improve not only patient outcomes but the overall quality of care and treatment patients receive.” 

Professor MCulloch added: “Surgical and interventional procedures using advanced technology currently represent one of the most exciting and innovative areas of medicine. I want the journal to be a forum for serious scientific study of these approaches which have the potential to greatly improve healthcare across many medical disciplines.”