Brill Announces New Suite of Open Access Journals

Brill, the international scholarly publisher, announces a new suite of open access journals covering four major disciplines.

In the Brill Open program, Brill is now announcing the launch of four new full Open Access journals in the following disciplines: HumanitiesSocial SciencesLaw, and Biology. These journals will offer a pure open access environment. Each journal will be divided in sections that align with the major subject areas in the discipline.

Each of the four new Brill Open journals will have a dedicated editorial board and undergo the same rigorous peer review and uphold the same high-quality publication standards that Brill is known for. In addition, once accepted, papers will be published online in just one month.

The Brill Open program makes research freely accessible online in exchange for an Article Publication Charge (APC). This can be by choice, or to comply with funding mandates or university requirements. As a rule, APCs are not charged until a paper is accepted for publication. In 2014 and 2015 the four new Open Access journals will offer reduced APCs and waive all submission fees.View the APC details here.

The journals are published on Brill’s existing books and journals platform and are online only. The content and metadata will be distributed as usual for indexing and discovery purposes.

Anyone who wants to get involved in one of the four new Open Access journals as an author or reviewer, or as a section editor, is requested to contact us at The new Brill Open journals will open for submissions this August!

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