Cambridge Journals launches new open access Journal – Global Mental Health

Cambridge University Press announces a major new open access journal, Global Mental Health (GMH), focusing on mental health research and issues from the global perspective.

GMH seeks to cultivate the emerging discipline of Global Mental Health. It will provide a forum for the publication of new perspectives and paradigms developing in this field, with a particular focus on four key aspects: Interventions; Etiology; Policy and Systems; and Teaching and Learning. Original research papers, both quantitative and qualitative, which contribute to advancing a global discourse in any of these areas will be particularly welcome.

Editor-in-Chief Gary Belkin, New York University, said, “Mental health is finally becoming established within the global health and emerging social development agendas.  Staying on those agendas will mean succeeding at closing treatment gaps to an order of a billion people with unmet needs through prevention, promotion, the right social and economic policies, and smart treatment delivery design. All of these strategies will be shaped by the need to act on the deep connections that mental and behavioral health and emotional wellbeing have with social outcomes and other health conditions. As the new field of Global Mental Health emerges, it needs to offer tools and a knowledge base that live up to the demands and ambition of this scope of action and impact. It needs to accelerate the participation and integration of other disciplines and fields under the umbrella of Global Mental Health, rather than emerge as another niche field. Developing a global point of view on mental health in these ways, and substantially enlarging the reach and diversity of the community of scholars and implementers who contribute to and learn from it, is what this new journal is about.”

Katy Christomanou, Publishing Director for STM Journals at Cambridge University Press added: “GMH appears at a time when health, development, and social policy are evolving within a global framework. New perspectives and innovative ways of approaching problems and their solutions are constantly emerging. This journal will provide a forum for sharing knowledge amongst the growing international research community in this evolving field. The launch of GMH complements the Press’ publishing programme and reflects our commitment to growth across health sciences including psychology and psychiatry.”

Global Mental Health will be hosted on Cambridge’s industry-leading platform, Cambridge Journals Online (CJO). All articles will be handled according to the highest standards of peer-review and produced to high production values. The journal will benefit from a range of the latest author services including article level usage metrics and Altmetric data. In addition, for articles accepted during 2014 and 2015, Cambridge University Press will waive all article processing charges.