Cambridge Journals Online syncs with mobile devices

The latest release of new functionality for Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) features a ‘Send to Kindle’ button for journal articles, plus the facility to twin a mobile device with CJO Mobile (CJOm) to access subscriptions from any location.

These features continue a stream of development which began in October 2010 with the launch of CJOm, a mobile-optimised website which also doubles as a low bandwidth access point for developing countries. The latest functionality builds on the knowledge gathered from users of CJOm since its launch.

The ‘Send to Kindle’ button is displayed at article level, and can be used by anyone with a Kindle or Kindle App who also has access to articles in any Cambridge Journal. When the ‘Send to Kindle’ button on CJO is clicked, a box is displayed into which the reader can enter their Kindle email address. CJO will then send the article to the reader’s Kindle account where it will appear in the home screen when they sync their device.

Mobile device twinning enables readers with access to Cambridge Journals via their institution to twin their smartphone, tablet computer or other device with CJOm so that they can access subscriptions when off campus. Devices can be twinned through two methods, either via CJOm while on an institution’s WiFi network (most institutions have a business service), or remotely by using the ‘Mobile Device Twinning’ option on CJO, which provides a twinning code that can be entered into the device. Either option results in access to the institutional subscriptions from any location with a mobile signal.

CJO benefits from three releases of new functionality per year, helping to keep it at the forefront of technological change in the academic journals sector. Further technical upgrades for mobile devices will occur during the next release of functionality in October 2012.