De Gruyter and CzechELib sign “read and publish” agreement for access and open access

De Gruyter extends its reach in the Czech Republic and further develops its open access program

New report by Institute for Scientific Information on Plan S poses key questions for...

A new report on Plan S[1] from the Institute for Scientific Information, using Web of Science data poses a number of questions for the research community, including funders, publishers and institutions. This is the second report in the Global Research series from the recently relaunched Institute for Scientific Information.

De Gruyter flips top mathematics journal to open access

De Gruyter’s Advances in Nonlinear Analysis (ANA) is one of ten journals recently transformed from the subscription model to open access. ANA is one of the top journals in mathematics (2017 ISI Impact Factor 4.674, ranking second in applied mathematics and third in the entire discipline), which publishes high-quality research articles in the areas of nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations, and on their numerous applications in science and technology.

UC San Diego Makes a Commitment to Open Access by Signing the OA2020 Expression...

The University of California San Diego has signed an Expression of Interest (EoI) to adopt the principles of Open Access 2020 (OA2020), an international effort to make all scholarly publications freely and immediately available to everyone by replacing the current costly subscription-based approach with transparent, sustainable funding models.

Physics societies warn of ‘irrecoverable damage’ from European open-access plan

The European Physical Society (EPS) has warned that a major open-access initiative in Europe could cause “irrecoverable damage” if it is implemented too quickly. In a statement, the EPS says that while it welcomes the proposal – known as Plan S — as a “medium to long-term vision”, its proponents must get more support by engaging further with the scientific community.

Cambridge University Press and Jisc Collections sign major UK Open Access deal

Cambridge University Press and the Jisc Collections have reached a progressive agreement, which will enable UK universities and colleges to make a sustainable transition to publishing more Open Access content in the publisher’s journals.

OASPA Feedback on Plan S Implementation Guidance

As a community of 140 organisations who are committed to the advancement of open access publishing and who represent the majority of the of the OA journal output in the DOAJ*, OASPA is of course very supportive of the intentions of Plan S, as we commented previously at the beginning of October.

Springer Nature: Plan S needs to focus on helping all authors and funders to...

Largest OA publisher calls for cOAlition S policy to be evidence-based and focus on stimulating ‘demand’ as well as ‘supply’

IWA Publishing partner with Knowledge Unlatched to make 14 book titles Open Access

IWA Publishing is excited to announce that through our recent partnership with Knowledge Unlatched (KU), a library crowd-funding initiative, we have made 14 of our books Open Access. Titles are available to download for free on the IWA Publishing website, the KU platform and the Directory of Open Access Books. Among the titles are two new releases including Clean Water Using Solar and Wind and Water, Energy, and Environment – A Primer.

Dutch universities give open access another boost

The Dutch universities will give open access an extra boost from 2019 by starting a pilot titled ‘You share, we take care’ to make publications available after six months in collaboration with researchers. 

UCL’s innovative open access megajournal starts taking submissions

UCL Press has launched its new open access megajournal ‘UCL Open’ and will start accepting academic research submissions from today (January 31, 2019).

ScienceOpen and Hogrefe Publishing Group extend their cooperation

ScienceOpen and Hogrefe Publishing Group are pleased to announce an extended collaboration that integrates six new featured collections in the fields of psychology, psychiatry,...