CCC endorses RIN’s report calling for cooperation in open access publishing

    With government policy-makers and private funding agencies in the US, UK and Europe mandating greater public access to published scientific research, Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a not-for-profit organization and leading provider of licensing and content solutions, announced it endorses the Research Information Network’s call for cooperation among funders, universities, and publishers. CCC has been helping publishers improve the author experience with respect to the collection of article processing charges for over five years, and welcomes efforts towards standardization and transparency.

    The UK-based Research Information Network (RIN) issued a report last week urging stakeholders to “work together to ensure that progress … is as smooth as possible toward creating the systems and processes that enable the payment of ‘Open Access’ article processing charges (APCs), while meeting the costs of publication.” The Wellcome Trust and Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) commissioned the RIN study on behalf of the Open Access Implementation Group. In the paper, author Michael Jubb specifically identified several “core” functionalities that publishers and funders should require of any APC solution.

    “Mr. Jubb has delivered a straight-forward action plan for publishers and funders at a critical moment in the evolution of Open Access publishing,” said Roy Kaufman, Managing Director of New Ventures, CCC. “We have extensive experience helping publishers manage a range of OA models through our RightsLink® platform, and already provide the “core” functionalities identified in the report. Our results demonstrate that publishers can encourage compliance with funding agency requirements even as they implement customized pricing rules,
    licenses and messaging for their OA journals and other works. This is precisely where Jubb places his most emphatic concern – on facilitating and standardizing workflow among authors, publishers, funders and universities.”

    CCC’s Open Access Solutions include secure tools for managing author publication charges, as well as color charges, page charges and reprint orders. RightsLink users have 24/7 access to these tools, including reporting and customer service.