ChronosHub chooses The Charlesworth Group to represent them in China as part of an exclusive open research support service

ChronosHub has chosen The Charlesworth Group to represent them in China. Charlesworth’s dedicated national sales team is well placed to represent ChronosHub with their deep insight into bringing publishing solutions for universities to market in China.

ChronosHub provides a holistic approach to OA, allowing institutions to support their researchers in finding appropriate journals, as well as making policies and agreements more transparent, and managing publishing fees – a feature which can help with the management of large numbers of APCs paid by researchers in China. The Charlesworth Group brings extensive OA market knowledge to benefit ChronosHub in this new partnership, supporting the advancement of open research in China.

Supporting and advancing open research in China

ChronosHub, comments:
“Open Access is great in many ways, but also adds complexity for all stakeholders in the research ecosystem. That is particularly true in China, which is already the 2nd largest market for OA today. Enormous amounts of APCs need to be paid, and each transaction requires extensive manual and costly work, impacting millions of researchers. We are therefore very excited about partnering with Charlesworth and many publishers to transform the research ecosystem in China and unburden the researchers and their institutions together.”     

ChronosHub Head of Business Development, Martin Jagerhorn

The Charlesworth Group comments:
“We value ChronosHub’s commitment to transforming research publishing through promoting and supporting open science. As well as being a huge market for APCs, Chinese Universities are also starting to develop their own transformational policies. With 22 years of local experience and a deep understanding of open access workflows, we are in a unique position to help foster meaningful relationships with the Chinese research community. We are delighted to be working with ChronosHub to help them take their innovative OA product to market in China.”

The Charlesworth Group CEO, Michael Evans