Clarivate Analytics and Caltech Collaborate to Offer Researchers One-Click Access to Published Research

    Clarivate Analytics today announced a collaboration with Caltech that will work towards providing more than two thousand of its researchers with legitimate one-click access to millions of academic papers and journal articles via Kopernio’s technology.

    Caltech is a world-renowned science and engineering Institute that marshals some of the world’s brightest minds. The goal of Kopernio is to save Caltech’s researchers both time and frustration by providing one-click access to the content and academic research that Caltech subscribes to, via the identification of a researcher’s subscription entitlements, no matter where it’s found online and wherever the researcher may be located, on or off-campus.

    Kopernio was recently acquired by data company Clarivate Analytics, the company also behind the world’s most trusted citation index.  Web of Science is a publisher-independent platform which provides unrivaled coverage of papers, books, conference proceedings, datasets and patents to researchers in more than 100 countries and 7,000 academic institutions around the world.

    This partnership aims to optimize information tools that will enable Caltech researchers to better search, discover, access and evaluate high-quality research available via the Web of Science and third-party platforms. Access to Kopernio aims to maximize the value and impact of Caltech’s library collections. It will also ensure that Caltech researchers get access to the legitimate version of the research its faculty has subscribed to, and includes Open Access versions of journal articles.

    Jan Reichelt, Managing Director, Web of Science said: “Each year, 10 million researchers around the globe access 2.5 billion journal articles to conduct their research, whilst universities invest millions to provide access to academic journals.The combined power of Web of Science and Kopernio will save Caltech researchers time, reducing barriers, so they can concentrate on the work that counts. We’re proud to partner with such a renowned, pioneering institution to transform the way researchers can search, access and analyze research.”

    Clarivate Analytics, with its publisher-neutral position, provides the Caltech community with a valuable search of the research literature and high-quality bibliometric data.  Caltech and Clarivate Analytics share a strong commitment to support researchers in their daily work. Both Caltech and Clarivate aim to provide researchers with the best available technologies, so that they can continue to innovate and push boundaries for the benefit of society. Kopernio is an example of one such technology designed to help researchers optimize their time and resources.