Clarivate to Cease all Commercial Activity in Russia   

    Clarivate respects and supports the rule of international law and joins the global community in condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Given the continued aggression against Ukraine by Russian forces, Clarivate has made the decision to close its office in Russia effective immediately and we will work to cease commercial activity in Russia in the coming weeks. Clarivate will work closely with our customers to manage the impact of our actions to their business and provide them more information as our process moves forward. 

    Our focus also continues on supporting the well-being of our colleagues and contractors across the region. We are working continuously to understand their needs and are doing all we can to provide support during this incredibly difficult time.  

    Clarivate continues to support calls for a cease-fire, the end to hostilities, the protection of civilians, and a negotiated settlement to peacefully resolve any differences and to avoid further needless devastation and loss of life for the Ukrainian people.   

    This development follows our action to suspend all evaluation of new journal submissions from Russia and Belarus in the Web of Science a week ago.