Clarke & Esposito Launches New Marketing and Digital Transformation Practice Headed by Colleen Scollans

Management consulting firm Clarke & Esposito (C&E) today announced the launch of its new Marketing and Digital Transformation Practice, headed by Colleen Scollans.

“We are launching this new practice to support organizations in reconceptualizing member and customer engagement and in efficiently maintaining revenue streams,” said Michael Clarke, C&E’s Managing Partner. “As organizations adapt to a changing environment for publications, meetings, and education, marketing strategies and tactics are likely to require adjustment as well. Colleen brings a depth of experience and expertise in today’s marketing and in transforming organizations.”

Colleen comes to C&E from Oxford University Press, where as Chief Marketing Officer she led a remarkable digital transformation of an iconic 450-year-old institution. She has over 20 years of leadership experience in highly strategic customer facing roles. Her experience also ranges beyond scholarly publishing, allowing her to bring fresh ideas from other industries. An extensive global network of marketing and digital experts keeps Colleen abreast of the state of the art in marketing practice and technology.

“Due to the evolution in business models and product delivery, a Cambrian explosion in marketing technologies, and a revolution in the role of data and analytics, modern marketing presents both real challenges and substantive opportunities” said Colleen Scollans. “What excits me most about joining C&E is our shared vision for how marketing can enable organizational transformation. This shared vision, combined with C&E’s unwavering commitment to clients, deep industry expertise, and strategic acumen, makes them the perfect partner for me.”

Areas of focus for the new practice include:

  • Marketing strategy and transformation
  • Marketing Technology
  • Customer experience and loyalty
  • Data, analytics and marketing performance measurement
  • Playbooks
  • CMO coaching
  • Fractional and interim marketing support
  • Marketing workshops

“We do not believe there is another comparable resource and she arrives at just the right time,” said Clarke. “Colleen brings both best-in-class marketing expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. She will be fully supported by C&E’s broader team and our own expertise and experience. Combined, we will help clients build modern marketing foundations — the technology, skills, data, and operations — that will enable organizations to become more customer-centered, data-driven, and technologically fluent.”