ConTech 2018 – Conference chairs to meet to finalise this year’s programme.

The Contech conference chairs are meeting tomorrow (May 23rd) to finalise the conference programme.

ConTech 2018 is aimed at information providers and content owners who increasingly have to address the challenges of competing in a data world, driven by machine learning, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. ConTech 2018 will help organisations understand how data-ready they are and what opportunities exist in this exciting new world. Get practical advice and learn from the content pioneers embracing this new technology – whether making decisions about strategic people and technology investments, looking to explore how data technologies can transform the business of delivering data driven content projects and products. Our core themes will include:-

Moving to data driven content publishing – How can publishers and content teams become more data driven? How does the move to becoming data driven impact the content products you develop?  What is the business case for becoming data driven and how can it effect the bottom-line? How do you move to a data driven model without breaking the content products you’ve already built?

The journey from intelligent content to the content product of the future – What data science tools and techniques can you adopt to improve content creation, management and delivery? What role do artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning have in developing the next generation of content products? What does a good content project built around data look like today? What will the content product of the future be?

 Deploying AI, machine learning and data science in content operations and teams – How do you manage the cultural issues of bringing content and data specialists together? How do you develop a culture that embraces data? How can your content teams become rapid and flexible enough to exploit the opportunities of richer data? What does a good data driven content project look like?  What are the lessons of projects that have deliverable measurable benefits?

 Data ethics and trust – How do you adopt a more data driven approach to your content while maintaining the trust of your users? What is best practice in data ethics and how does it impact your reputation? What are the legal parameters of working with user data? How can ethical approaches to data build your brand and deepen your relationship with your users?

We are privileged to be working with an outstanding group of conference chairs who are helping us create the programme for this new and exciting event.

Our team is:-

Vincent Cassidy, Director of Academic Markets, Institution of Engineering and Technology

Paul Blake, Senior Content Designer, Department for Digital, Media, Culture & Sport

Nicky Zachariou, PhD, Data Scientist, Government digital services

Dan Pollock, Specialist in Digital Publishing, Change Management and Growth Strategy, Delta Think

Sam Herbert, Co-founder, 67 Bricks

There is a skeleton agenda to view here that shows the outline format and the different elements of the programme.

Conference chair Nicky Zachariou said : “I’ve always been fascinated by the application of mathematics to real world problems, so I am very excited to be supporting ConTech 2018! It is the one and only place to share stories about how data science, machine learning and AI can streamline the publishing workflow for both publishers and users.”

To see more from our chair team click here.

ConTech 2018 – Transforming content through data science, AI and emerging technologies

takes place on 29th and 30th November in London.