ConTech.Live announces the launch of the ConTech Scholarly API Series. 

Following on from several conversations with industry professionals and the awareness that there is a need we are excited to announce the launch of industry events focusing on the needs and challenges for scholarly API and widget integrations – The ConTech.Live Scholarly API Series.

With the aim to provide several events over the coming months we are pleased to announce the first event is a 1-hour online complimentary session taking place at 3pm BST on the 9th June:

Scholarly APIs: Current and future value.

Research performing and funding organizations increasingly use scholarly application programming interfaces (APIs) to build insights and inform strategy, to the point where it is impossible to imagine a future without fundamental reliance on these interconnected data flows. Currently, your organization uses multiple APIs without which it could probably not function. Scholarly APIs have, however, received limited recognition for their strategic importance and significant potential in the scholarly industry. How do leaders from different areas think strategically about API interoperability and increasing needs for data exchange as foundations for research outcomes? Join this unique and first-time panel discussion to learn from leadership why APIs are intermediaries that scholarly professionals must know about and plan for.

The ConTech.Live Scholarly API Series is created in collaboration with industry thought leaders who have a desire to progress innovation and technology in scholarly publishing. ConTech.Live is proud to sit in the heart of these issues with our focus on the intersection of content and technology and shares this great passion for innovation at its best.

It is the aim of the series to discuss explore and learn about services that extract, combine, compare, and certify critical information. 

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