ConTech.Live, helping keep the community together

ConTech.Live webinars starting from Wednesday 29th April at 4.30PM BST

Being able to reach out to colleagues, extended networks and friends is more important now than ever before. By launching free weekly webinars we hope to provide a new way to do just that. We are going to cover topics that are central to the way we are working and doing business today. Lasting just 30 minutes each session will include presentation and attendee interaction. Here are the initial sessions:

29th April – “Adapt, Innovate and Inspire: supporting you, your workforce and your network during times of change” Esme Richardson, Associate Director & Verity Hawson, Associate Director, Inspired Selection

6th May – “An introduction and overview of Smart Citations” Josh Nicholson, CEO, scite

13th May – “Why evidence-based content matters more than ever –and how to make the most of remote working solutions to deliver it” Sabine Louet, Founder & Editor, SciencePOD

20th May – “Using AI to create personalized, remote curriculums for students” Michael Puscar, Founder, Oiga Technologies.

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These webinars are free and open to everyone, please share these with anyone you feel would be interested.  Please do also share the relevant webinars with colleagues who have been furloughed or have sadly lost their job, they are still very much a part of our community

More webinars are already in the pipeline and ConTech.Live will continue to work to help keep our community together.

ConTech Forum goes virtual and registration is open

The ConTech Forum will be staged virtually on the 9th June 2020. The Forum is designed to continue the conversations started at ConTech 2019 and start the process of looking forward to ConTech 2020. It continues the core themes at the intersection of content and technology, discussing how data science, AI and other emerging technologies are changing the content landscape. We are excited to welcome back speakers such as:- Dale Morgan from Wiley, Yann Mahe – MyScienceWork, Freddie Quek – THES and Finbarr Joy from Superbet. We will also be presenting some completely new sessions from speakers that are to be selected for ConTech 2020, which will take place in December.  Registration is now open – go to

ConTech 2020 call for speakers remains open for now

The ConTech.Live team has received several requests to keep the call for speakers open due to the current global working situation. The ConTech chair team is meeting up virtually mid-May to consider all papers so we have made the decision to keep this open until 12th May, unprecedented times call for change, and we are working to make sure everyone has the chance to be involved. To find out more and submit to speak go to

You’ll find more information about all our events at