Copyright Clearance Center announces launch of RightFind Content Decision Support solution

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a global licensing and content technology company, has announced the launch of its cloud-based RightFind Content Decision Support (CDS), an easy-to-use analytics platform that helps information center managers leverage the power of usage data to make smart decisions around content investments.

RightFind CDS combines comprehensive usage and spend data, predictive analytics and data visualizations, and budget forecast and planning tools in a single solution designed to help information managers bring actionable intelligence to their content acquisition strategy.

Downward pressure on information center budgets has pushed information center managers to demonstrate the business value of subscriptions, licensing agreements, token packages, and document delivery services. Most publishers offer COUNTER statistics for their journals, and information managers compile the data for each subscription journal, combine it, generate reports and analyze and justify their content investment strategy. This manual effort can take several days to weeks, time which could be better spent supporting the research needs of the organization.

RightFind CDS is the only solution that combines granular statistics from the platform with COUNTER statistics to give information center managers an enterprise-wide view of content usage and spend. By deploying RightFind CDS, information managers can focus on higher-value efforts and leverage RightFind CDS to:

  • Access content usage and spend insights in seconds by tapping into aggregated data sources
  • Create presentations quickly and easily to let the data demonstrate content return on investment (ROI) to key stakeholders
  • Identify coverage gaps, spot content usage trends, and use business value metrics to demonstrate how the information center’s investments support the organization’s research efforts
  • Shorten the annual budget cycle with powerful forecast and planning tools that simplify and automate the budget process

“Our customers increasing rely on data and analytics to help justify and defend their content spend and investments,” said Lauren Tulloch, Director, Corporate Products and Services, CCC. “With just a few clicks, RightFind CDS allows them to tap into global, enterprise-wide usage data and let the data tell their content ROI story.”