DataSalon launches major new data quality initiative

DataSalon have today announced a major new data quality initiative specifically targeted at the needs of scholarly publishers. It comprises a written ‘roadmap’ report to inform publishers’ data quality strategy, and a sophisticated set of data auditing and cleansing tools, to be provided as an extra module within DataSalon’s existing customer insight service MasterVision.

DataSalon have researched and compiled the ‘Data Quality Roadmap’ report as a first step for publishers to make the case for investing in the quality of their customer and related data, and to bring together a wealth of advice and best practice when considering data governance issues. The 50-page report covers all aspects of auditing, reporting and cleansing customer data, as well as documenting best practice in data standards and legislation.

The new data quality module will be fully integrated into MasterVision as an add-on option for MasterVision clients, and will provide comprehensive reporting for every data source a publisher integrates into their single customer view – highlighting a wide range of gaps, errors and inconsistencies. DataSalon will also work with clients to enhance and cleanse their data and track improvements over time.

“Data quality has become an important issue for us and our clients in recent years” commented Nick Andrews, Managing Director of DataSalon. “We already integrate and de-duplicate multiple sources of customer data on behalf of our clients, so extending that service to data quality analysis is a natural next step. We can work with clients to improve the quality of many different data sources in one central place, which is much more efficient than multiple clean-up projects for each separate system.”

BMJ have been working with DataSalon on the beta version of the new module, and were the first client to receive the roadmap report. “BMJ are committed to investing in the quality of our data as an important asset for the entire organisation, and we’re excited by the prospect of working with DataSalon to achieve this,” commented David Hutcheson, Marketing Analysis & Reporting Manager at BMJ. “Addressing data quality via MasterVision provides us with an excellent, cost effective way to audit the current state of our data and to help us decide where we target our resources to drive data quality up.”