De Gruyter and National Defense Industry Press sign partnership agreement

The two academic publishing houses De Gruyter, Berlin, and National Defense Industry Press, Beijing, have signed an agreement to embark on a strategic partnership. The agreement expands existing cooperation in the fields of Materials Science and Engineering.

“We are very pleased by this new cooperative agreement which is a welcome contribution to the development of our program in Materials Science,” says Dr. Anke Beck, Managing Director of De Gruyter. “National Defense Industry Press is an excellent partner for premium academic content in STM and, like De Gruyter, it is willing to invest in this quality.”

De Gruyter officially started establishing links with Chinese academic institutions and publishers in 2010. The new cooperation is a continuation of the publisher’s strategy of playing an active role in the rapidly-expanding Asian market. “The partnership is a valuable addition to our program and our target audience in this area”, Anke Beck adds.

“We are pleased to cooperate with De Gruyter, as we have a lot in common: we both have a long history and are similar in size and we both adhere to high standards of publication quality. With our first book on low dimensional materials our cooperation has been augmented and we are confident that with signing of a framework contract we will have an increasing number of joint quality projects”, says Xi’an Xu, Editor-in-Chief, National Defense Industry Press.

National Defense Industry Press is also a strong publisher in Aeronautics and Astronautics.