De Gruyter flips top mathematics journal to open access

De Gruyter’s Advances in Nonlinear Analysis (ANA) is one of ten journals recently transformed from the subscription model to open access. ANA is one of the top journals in mathematics (2017 ISI Impact Factor 4.674, ranking second in applied mathematics and third in the entire discipline), which publishes high-quality research articles in the areas of nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations, and on their numerous applications in science and technology. The journal is edited by its founders and editors-in-chief, Vicenţiu Rădulescu and Marco Squassina, as well as by an elite editorial board, which includes many experts in this research-intensive area of mathematics. 

In 2015, De Gruyter began investigating both the opportunities “flipping” provided as well as the challenges that must be mastered to successfully transform subscription journals into open access. In the same year, ten journals successfully made the transition, and all are thriving, although the impact of the transition varied between subject areas. The 2015 wave included titles in mathematics, physics, engineering, robotics, computer science, medicine, life sciences, neuroscience, chemistry and geosciences.

Since then, De Gruyter has transitioned a further ten journals – including ANA mentioned above – in STEM and the journal portfolio in STEM at De Gruyter is now a respectable 20% open access with more candidates being investigated.

Further journals – almost all of which have Impact Factors – in the most recent wave of transitions are:  Green Processing and SynthesisNonlinear EngineeringNanotechnology ReviewsHigh Temperature Materials and Processese-PolymersJournal of the Mechanical Behavior of MaterialsHeterocyclic CommunicationsMain Group Metal Chemistry, and Science and Engineering of Composite Materials.

“De Gruyter has played a significant role in open access since 2005. Since then, we have not only added interesting and useful models for open access books and options for hybrid OA publishing, we have also remained open-minded and willing to experiment in transitioning subscription journals to sustainable open access models,” said Carsten Buhr, Managing Director of De Gruyter.

For further information on what De Gruyter is doing in open access, please visit the open access pages here.