De Gruyter is expanding its program in North America. Staffing levels in the STM fields

De Gruyter will continue to expand at the beginning of 2013, its program department in the United States. The Boston office of the company is Alexander N. Greene build areas in the STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) and continuously evolve.

In recent years, De Gruyter had strengthened its liberal arts program in the U.S. market and for set of seven employees. The sales team has been systematically expanded to seven digits. Through this personal commitment could De Gruyter strengthen its market position and enhance its reputation in the American academic community greatly.

“With the new editorial offices in Boston, De Gruyter’s strategic expansion of its international program focused on,” said Dr. Sven Fund , CEO of De Gruyter. “The new colleagues will help to raise the international profile of our publishing house in the largest science fair of the world.”