De Gruyter Online is migrating to a new hosting environment!

Over the next couple of weeks, De Gruyter will be preparing to migrate into a new server infrastructure, in order to provide higher availability and performance of De Gruyter Online and its content. While this transition should not cause any disruption in service for you, our valued customers, we still wanted to highlight some key information you need to know about the shift:

  • Content Freeze: Due to technical requirements, we will have a content freeze which means that no new content will be uploaded onto our website from July 24th-July 31st. All new books and journals published with De Gruyter during this period will be updated onto the website after August 1st.
  • Continual Access: During this period, you will be able to access your already-purchased content as normal, without any delays or loss of availability.
  • New IP Address: If you utilize internal proxy servers to limit outgoing traffic you will need to contact our Technical Customer Service and we provide you with our new IP address.
  • Shift Date: The planned date for the shift is on July 31st, 2014. The switch will happen at 9:00am EDT/ 15:00 CEST. There may be some delays in customers seeing the new platform.

If you have any further questions, or encounter any problems during this period, please also contact our Customer Service team.