DynaMed® Announces the Next Generation of Clinical Decision Support

EBSCO Information Services’ (EBSCO) flagship clinical decision support tool, announces product enhancements and new platform features, replacing all prior versions of DynaMed. The new features and functionality are designed to create a customized user experience tailored for today’s clinician. DynaMed is designed to facilitate efficient, evidence-based patient care, providing the most current clinical evidence at unprecedented speed.

Roughly one million new research articles are published each year, and hundreds of clinical practice guidelines are being updated in that same timeframe. Clinicians are inundated with information and expected to keep current on the latest clinical evidence and evaluate the trustworthiness of these new findings before implementing them into practice. This constant influx of new information coupled with the demands of patient care present a challenge for all clinicians. 

DynaMed Editor in Chief, Peter Oettgen, MD, FACC, FAHA, FACP, says the platform’s content continues to provide the information that clinicians need when making important decisions. “Our systematic literature surveillance system allows for the rapid identification, critical appraisal and integration of new evidence summaries into DynaMed topics. These topics are updated on a daily basis and provide broad content coverage for more than 28 specialties.”

DynaMed’s new enhancements are designed to provide a personalized, user-friendly experience that will save time and enable clinicians to focus on patient care. With easy integration into hospital systems linked to the Electronic Health Record (EHR), a responsive platform design and a streamlined mobile app, DynaMed is accessible anytime, anywhere. Made possible by its shift to a cloud-based system, the platform offers a personalized user experience, providing clinicians with easy access to information via the browse specialty functionality, a recently viewed topics section, and updates tailored to their specific interests.

DynaMed has also made it easier for clinicians looking to support lifelong learning. Continuous tracking of DynaMed usage allows physicians and other advanced care providers to earn continuing medical education (CME) credits and Part II Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points with every search.

EBSCO Information Services Senior Vice President of Medical Product Management Betsy Jones says these updates aim to support time-crunched clinicians. “In a time where clinicians are experiencing burnout and facing challenges when it comes to keeping up with the demands of patient care, they require a tool that delivers accurate information when, where and how they need it. DynaMed’s evolved experience offers just that — while focusing on each clinician’s intent.”

For more information on DynaMed and its newly redesigned experience, visit www.dynamed.com. Follow DynaMed on social media at https://twitter.com/DynaMed_EBSCO to stay current on additional product enhancements coming in Fall 2019.