EBSCO Adds 15 New eBook Subject Sets in High-Interest Subjects

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has introduced 15 new EBSCO eBook Subject Sets to help librarians build their e-book collections. Subject Sets are prepackaged sets of titles from leading publishers in specific, high-interest topics designed to meet the needs of libraries while simplifying collection development.

The new Subject Sets are:

·         Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy 2013

·         Diseases & Conditions 2013

·         Aging & Gerontology 2013

·         Pharmaceutical Science 2013

·         Mental Health 2013

·         Social Work 2013

·         Business 2013

·         Legal 2013

·         Women’s Medicine/OB-GYN 2013

·         Music 2013

·         Self-Help 2013

·         World Religions 2013

·         Classic Fiction 2013

·         Photography 2013

·         American History 2013

These Subject Sets have been added to an already extensive list of frontlist titles in collections created by EBSCO’s Collection Development team. The sets allow for quick and easy purchases in particular high-interest subject areas. There is no title overlap across sets, and no title overlap from year to year, so there is never duplication between sets.