EBSCO Information Services Rolls Out 28 New eBook Subject Sets

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has added 28 new eBook Subject Sets to its extensive collection of eBooks. The Sets provide libraries with convenient ways to begin or expand their eBook collections with current, reputable content from leading publishers.

Key collection areas that were increased with the release of these new Subject Sets include Arts & Humanities, Business, History, Medical and Science & Technology. The Sets allow for quick and easy purchases in particular high-interest subject areas. There is no title overlap across Sets, and no title overlap from year to year.

The 28 new Subject Sets now available include:

·         Nursing
·         Engineering
·         Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy
·         Natural & Alternative Medicine
·         Wellness
·         GIS
·         Leadership & Management
·         Accounting & Finance
·         Economics
·         Networking & Security
·         Emergency Management
·         Hospitality & Tourism
·         Earth Sciences
·         Career
·         Criminal Justice
·         Literary Criticism & Writing
·         Education
·         Biology & Life Sciences
·         Teacher Resources K-8
·         World Religion
·         American Contemporary Issues
·         Media & Communication Studies
·         World History
·         Ethnic Studies
·         Psychology
·         Energy & Green Tech
·         Computer Science

eBook Subject Sets are convenient, prepackaged sets of titles chosen to meet libraries’ needs for new content on popular, in-demand topics. EBSCO’s Collection Development Team of librarians uses tailored knowledge to create collections and Subject Sets for libraries. All Subject Sets from EBSCO include titles published within the past two years, and have no title duplication among current or past Subject Set offerings.