EBSCO Information Services unveils Innovative AI Center for Clinical Decisions

A team of clinical and health care experts from EBSCO Information Services’ (EBSCO) Clinical Decisions embarks on a journey to leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology within its point-of-care resources, with the goal to deliver faster-than-ever access to their industry-leading, evidence-based, expert-curated, trusted information to clinicians, nurses and health care professionals.

In today’s technological health care environment, clinicians must take several steps to access the clinical information they need, inputting a query into a search interface, then reviewing the search results and navigating to a topic to find answers. Clinical experts at Clinical Decisions are exploring the use of AI to bring answers directly to the bedside, making it easy to obtain near instantaneous answers, leveraging the use of large language models (LLMs) within EBSCO’s trusted, evidence-based environment.

When considering the use of AI in a clinical environment, a judicious approach is necessary, especially considering clinical diagnosis and treatment. The Clinical Decisions editorial team, led by Dr. Peter Oettgen, Editor-in-Chief, DynaMed®, Diane Hanson, Editor-in-Chief, Dynamic Health, and Dr. Katherine Eisenberg, Sr. Medical Director, Clinical Decisions, is releasing principles for the responsible use of AI, centered around quality, security and patient privacy, transparency, governance and equity.

EBSCO Vice President of Product Management, DynaMedex, Julia Colpitts, says the team is prioritizing a safe environment, first and foremost. “Patient safety is our top priority. Our ‘walled garden’ approach ensures access to trusted, evidence-based content, developed by clinical experts following our rigorous editorial process. With the right safeguards in place, our team is exploring AI-based tools collaboratively, among our team of technologists, clinicians, subject matter experts and clinical editors, to ensure no stone is unturned.”

EBSCO Vice President of Product Management Dynamic Health, Peter Darcy, says this initiative reflects the team’s commitment to enhancing patient care. “By safely and appropriately leveraging the power of AI, we’re looking to decrease time to answer while providing accurate, evidence-based information to health care professionals, when and where they need it. Our goal is to help patients and caregivers arrive at the answers they need, positively impacting patient outcomes.”

For more information on this initiative, please visit: https://more.ebsco.com/Innovation-Center.html.