EBSCO Introduces RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals™ — Offering Rare Collection of Full-Text Music Journals

RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals™ is now available from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO). RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals is a collection of rare primary source documents offering music researchers access to a special selection of full text music journals unavailable elsewhere.

The first installment of this collection includes 150,000 pages from 25 music journals dealing with musical life in world capitals: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bilbao, Brussels, Budapest, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, New York, Prague, Paris, St. Petersburg and Warsaw. The collection also contains several monumental journals including Musical America until 1922, Le Guide musical (Brussels, 1855-1919), the Neue Berliner Musikzeitung (Berlin 1847-1896) and several early musicology periodicals. Future titles will include those focusing on instruments, genres, musicology’s early periodicals, music education and jazz, with others combining both musical and non musical content, such as theatrical and general arts journals. New titles will be added on a regular basis.

With RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals, music researchers will gain access to a unique collection of periodicals not covered in RIPM Retrospective Index and RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals. Libraries that subscribe to RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals in calendar years 2013 and 2014 will receive the RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals at no additional cost for two subscription years. The e-Library is one part of a suite of full-text music journals offered by RIPM.

The RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals brings the total number of full-text publications available in RIPM to nearly 150 journals, adding almost 40 percent new full-text content to those titles in the RIPM Online Archive.