EDP Sciences and ESO Enhance Research Discoverability with Direct Links between Astronomy & Astrophysics and ESO Telescope Bibliography Records

EDP Sciences, in collaboration with the European Southern Observatory (ESO) is delighted to announce the introduction of links between Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A) articles and corresponding ESO datasets. This initiative establishes A&A as the first major astronomy journal to feature such links, significantly enhancing research discoverability and facilitating a more comprehensive reader experience.

The ESO Telescope Bibliography (ESO telbib), a longstanding resource developed and curated by the ESO Library, Documentation and Information Services (LDIS) department, references articles published in the major astronomy journals that utilize ESO data. Now, the A&A publication platform, maintained by EDP Sciences, integrates direct links to the associated datasets at ESO telbib by leveraging its API. This development offers researchers approximately 8000 links to ESO data, enabling them to explore and analyze the linked data seamlessly.

By simply following the “ESO data at telbib”* links on the A&A publishing platform, readers can easily access the corresponding datasets. This integration expands upon EDP Sciences’ existing provision of direct links to essential astronomy databases, including the NASA ADS Abstract Service and the CDS (Strasbourg astronomical Data Center).