Elsevier and Russian Foundation of Basic Research Sign SciVerse ScienceDirect Access Agreement

    Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced it has reached an agreement with the Russian Foundation of Basic Research (RFBR) to provide 150 Russian research institutes with access to  SciVerse ScienceDirect as well as trial access to SciVerse Scopus. This one-year license agreement is part of a formal collaboration program between Elsevier and RFBR until 2014.

    Academician Prof. Vladislav Panchenko, Chairman of the RFBR Board, said of the agreement, “Access to up-to-date scientific information is a necessary element for researchers in their workflow. That is why we are glad to see us collaborate so closely with Elsevier, providing our scientists with access to a quarter of the world’s scientific research. We are happy for this continuous and mutually beneficial cooperation. We hope that together we will drive Russian science to the top of global scientific scene.”

    Igor Osipov, PhD, Elsevier Regional Director for Russia and Belarus added, “RFBR and its leadership has become a true partner to us – we organize joint events, run training programs across the country and strive to support and reward Russian researchers with the best available content and solutions. With this new agreement, our joint work in bringing best Russian science to the international arena and supporting Russian government efforts in building better and efficient research shall be continued in the years to come.”