Empowering Research Visibility: Editage Joins Forces with Becaris Publishing to Enhance Research Communication Services

Editage, a brand of Cactus Communications (CACTUS) – a global science communication and technology company, has joined forces with Becaris Publishing, publisher of the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research, to elevate research communication services for authors. This partnership is a significant step towards enhancing the visibility, accessibility, and impact of research work, acknowledging the critical role of effective communication in today’s scholarly landscape.

In the contemporary research environment, publishing alone does not suffice; there is an increasing need for authors to effectively communicate and disseminate their work. The collaboration between Editage and Becaris Publishing offers authors an access to research communication services, helping them to complement their article with publication extenders such as plain language summaries, video shorts, infographics and graphical abstracts. This enables authors to transform their research into engaging and accessible formats for a broader audience, providing an expanded reach, increased visibility, and amplified impact of their research.

Nikesh Gosalia, President, Global Academic and Publisher Relations at Cactus Communications, explained, “At Editage we have always been committed to empowering researchers in their publishing journey. This collaboration with Becaris Publishing allows us to extend our support to authors by enhancing the communication of their research. It aligns perfectly with our mission to bridge gaps in research dissemination and further enable researchers to make a lasting impact.”

Laura Dormer, Editorial Director at Becaris Publishing and Editor of the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research continued, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Editage in this venture. Effective research communication is paramount, and through this partnership, we aim to provide our authors with the tools and expertise to effectively communicate their work as well as help our readers digest the content in alternative ways.”

To learn more about the services, please visit the below website URL: