F1000Prime evolves: self-learning homepage and free one-month personal trial

Faculty of 1000’s F1000Prime (http://f1000.com/prime)  has launched a new personalized homepage and article alerting tool that learns from an individual’s research interests – and introduced a free one-month trial personal subscription for new and returning users.

In response to feedback from many life scientists and clinicians, efficient personalization and customization of the website is now central to the experience of using F1000Prime. Individuals just need to enter as few as three key words, of their choosing, to describe their research interests. Personalized recommendations of content based on how an individual uses a website have previously only been commonly seen on major retail websites and search engines.

The new homepage and article feed – effectively a personal table of contents – makes F1000Prime even more relevant and central to the day-to-day work of busy scientists and clinicians. To enable many people to try out these powerful new features, anyone who registers on the F1000Prime website, or signs-in if they have previously registered, can receive full, free personal access to F1000Prime for one month.

A personal homepage is created in three short steps, resulting in a feed of important and relevant articles – selected and commented on by F1000Prime’s Faculty of more than 5000 peer-nominated experts – as well as relevant articles from the largest life-science literature database, PubMed.

Faculty of 1000’s Chairman Vitek Tracz, said: “Our task is to provide the busy researcher with effective help to get highly relevant research articles fast. With this new technology underpinning F1000Prime we believe we’ve created the most effective, personalized, expertly-curated literature service for life scientists and clinicians.”

The technology behind these new features includes a unique algorithm that learns from selections an individual makes in setting up their homepage, and, over time and with use of the website, provides increasingly relevant articles.

Speaking of F1000Prime’s personalized alerting service, Prof Gerald F Joyce of the Scripps Research Institute said, “I enjoy and rely upon the many terrific features of Faculty of 1000, but lately I have begun to worry that my F1000Prime alerts know me better than I know myself.

The new F1000Prime homepage also suggests leading scientists and clinicians from the F1000Prime Faculty – including nine Nobel Prize winners – an individual should ‘follow’. Following Faculty Members creates an alert each time an expert recommends or comments on an article in F1000Prime.

Anyone accessing F1000Prime through a library subscription can continue to browse F1000Prime’s directory of top articles and expert commentaries without registering on the website, although registration is highly recommended to benefit from these new features.

To find out more about Faculty of 1000 and its new features, please contact Iain Hrynaszkiewicz on +44 (0)20 7079 4888 or email press@f1000.com. For more information, visit http://f1000.com/prime