Figshare Integration Possibilities with DuraCloud

Figshare, along with Digital Science, is a member of DuraSpace, the not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support open source technologies and services that promote durable, persistent access to the scholarly record.

Join Dan Valen (Product Specialist, Figshare) and Carissa Smith (Product Manager,DuraCloud) to discuss the possibilities for integration between Figshare for Institutionsand DuraCloud. The webinar, taking place on Thursday Aug 20th 7pm – 8pm BST, will cover the integration and show how the collaboration combines the end-user experience of Figshare with the powerful storage, management, and preservation functionalities of DuraCloud. With Figshare for Institutions, universities and colleges can manage their research outputs from point of creation and data management plan through to its publication and subsequent impact. DuraCloud automatically copies institutional content onto several different cloud storage providers. The Figshare and DuraCloud collaboration will then ensure all of the captured data is managed and preserved appropriately to align with institutional and funder policies.

For more info on the integration see Figshare’s blog post, “Figshare gets serious about storage”. To register for the webinar please click register below.