First books from IOP Concise PhysicsTM collection published

IOP Publishing (IOP) and Morgan & Claypool have published the first books from their IOP Concise Physics collection.

Defining and Measuring Nature – The make of all things

  • Jeffrey H Williams

Guide Through the Nanocarbon Jungle – Buckyballs, nanotubes, graphene and beyond

  • David Tománek

Together, the books cover two large and important subject areas – measurement science and carbon nanotechnology.

IOP Concise Physics is one of two collections from the IOP ebooksTM programme launched in 2013. They focus on shorter texts that are the “first book” on a topic and that aim to provide a rapid update on a developing area of research, or an introduction to a topic.

A further 23 books will be published in the IOP Concise Physics collection in 2014.

To coincide with the launch of these new books, IOP has introduced the whole-book download. This enables readers to download an entire book, or book chapters, in PDF or EPUB 3 format, providing greater flexibility in terms of how they access content, while also widening the impact of the authors’ work. IOP is one of the first STM publishers to offer whole-book download functionality in EPUB 3 format.